30 Best Funny Tweety Bird Quotes

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Be grateful for every day 

People who tell you to Calm down 

Satan still has restraining order against me

Control your stupidity if you want me to control my temper

Dear GOD i know that i'm not perfect

Can you die from constipation.. Im little worried

I do not have Alzheimer's

Don't make fun of people with disabilities. whether it's mental or physical

People who treat you badly Get offended back

Yesterday is gone today is over

I may be the black sheep.

I may be crazy but crazy is better than stupid

I may not be perfect

Life is so hard

People you actually want to be around

Looks like pinata

May your troubles be less and your blessing

I may not be the most important

People are so ungrateful

People that make me laugh and smile

where the safe place is?

Some people make me want to roll my eyes 

Say Really ?? :)

I always speak my mind

We all have some special people in our lives

I'l start behaving myself

My friends just get stopped saying hello

sweet dreams

wake up feeling refreshed

I could get a refund

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