Life has knocked me down few times

Life is full of ups and downs but trust in the Lord He has the last saying.

Giving up is not an option, is good that you never give up. what can't break us make us strong.

At times, it’s scary.  But once through it,  you can celebrate that God was there and you did make it. By experienced ..lessons learn in my life ...never surrender !!

The most painful being knocked down by the ones you trust most.

Every times we experience some difficulty in our lives we have to stand firm, neve lose hope because that's not the end of the world for us we have to rise and stand up, move on, that's part of our lives everyone and everybody experience that situation there's no exemption, one thing that happened and be thankful for that.matter because .you learned a.lot, strong enough and  ready to face any situation in your life.

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