It is no longer necessary to try to impress anyone.

I have reached a point in my life where I feel it is no longer necessary to try to impress anyone. If they like me the way I am good, and if not then it’s their loss.

Accept Me As I Am. I Love To Help People, I Am Very Loving, Even Though I Have A Lot Of Problems, It Does Not Hold Me Back. I Keep Plugging Away. I Would Not Hurt Any One.I Love GOD. I Am A GOD FEARING WOMAN. I LOVE People, Animals, Nature, Plants, & Etc. If You Don't Like The Way I Am, You Do Not Have To Like Me. Just Turn Around & Walk Away. I Do Not Go Out Of My Way To Hurt Any One. But If You Can Not Accept Me Just Walk Away. May GOD Bless You, & Have A Great Day.!!  :-)

There is always someone who will not like you because of the agenda in their own head.

Not trying to please anyone either. No one to impress and no one to please ;-)

it's not easy pretending to agree and force yourself to be happy when you're really not. when I had finally reached that stage in my life. I've decided to STOP and it felt so good to stop pleasing someone or anyone.. I don't care what people might say.. its my LIFE anyway.
We all care at some point what other people may think or feel about us .The trick is caring when it counts & it is in our best interest because if we really didn't care we'd be breaking the law , hurting the people we care about & we wouldn't take pride in anything we did.Where would accomplishments & personal success be if we didn't care ? Thats caring for our "behaviour" and accomplishments. That is not what the quote means. We should all be mindful how we affect people with our behaviour. This quote is the freedom of not worrying about rumours, judgements placed upon you and not letting people's opinions affect you Just be the real you and thrive! Many people are affected by worrying what people will think of them if they wear certain clothes, like certain things and are afraid to express themselves and they shouldn't because strangers don't get a vote on how you live your life.
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