I Lost You

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When I Lost You
I wish I could see you one more time
Come walking through the door
But I know that is impossible
I will hear your voice no more.
I know you can feel my tears
And you don’t want me to cry
Yet my heart is broken because I can’t understand why
someone so precious had to die.
I pray that God will give me strength
And somehow get me through
As I struggle with this heartache
That came when I lost you.

It takes only a little space to write how much I miss you. But it will take whole of my life to forget the day I lost you.

I'm here again, a thousand miles away from you. A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am. 
I tried so hard. I thought I could do this on my own, but I've lost so much along the way. When I see your face, I know I'm finally yours. I find everything I thought I lost before. You call my name, I come to you in pieces so you can make me whole. I've come undone, but you make sense of who I am. I'm like puzzle pieces in your hand. (Francine Chiar)

I was always afraid to lose you, now i lost you there's nothing I can do but do me. Since i lost you, I lost myself.

You're my inspiration , motivation , and running drive to wake up everyday. You make me feel happy and if i lost you, I would feel so unhappy. You are the only reason I smile. Your the person I run to and tell everything to. You make me feel complete. You're important to me and I couldn't imagine living life without you.