Life is too short to waste any amount of time

“Life is too short to waste any amount of time on wondering what other people think about you. In the first place, if they had better things going on in their lives, they wouldn’t have the time to sit around and talk about you. What’s important to me is not others’ opinions of me, but what’s important to me is my opinion of myself.” ― C. JoyBell C.

Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing. ~Eric Davis

I have always believed that life is too short for rows and disagreements. Even if I think I'm right, I would prefer to apologize and remain friends rather than win and be an enemy. ~Maeve Binchy

We all are here for limited time period instead of wasting the time on hatred, fights, ego why not use the time to love, pray, live and laugh.

No matter how much a friend has upset you, you should talk to them and sort things out, life is too short to be angry over trivial things.