Feeling alone, unloved, unwanted and forgotten.

Feeling alone, Feeling unloved, Feeling 
unwanted and Feeling forgotten about is 
one of the worst feelings in the world, 
and the hardest to forget. But I hope 
you never forget that there is someone 
who's always by your side and he'll 
always love you, always wants you, and
always cares about you no matter what. 

It hurts the worst when the person that made you feel so special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today.

I know the feeling of being the only one fighting for the relationship. Just once I'd like for someone to fight for me.

If you're not happy then move on because those moments spent feeling unwanted is time you could've spent with someone who wants you.

Never let anyone make you feel unwanted! You are wanted! Just not by someone who is not worth your time anyhow! Don't let anyone tell you, you are unwanted! Only be around those who really want you around! There actions will show you so!

Feeling unwanted by people who say they care about you is the worst feeling in the world...one day I will have a place to call my own.