People come and go and that’s life.

I have loved. I have lost and I have changed. It has been difficult but I have learned so much from it. I have learned that people can hurt you so deeply and not even worry about you. I learned that good people can change in a minute when their hearts have been broken. I’ve met great people, but mean people as well. But the most important thing I have learned is that every person in this world is strong enough to let go . People come and go and that’s life ! The most important thing is to stand up and realize that you deserve something better than a person who gives up on you.

"Yes find a person who never gives up on you." Rare - it can and does happen...yet for me this also strongly applies to friends as well - true friendships - rare, few and far between.PAIN changes people, not so much ones core personality, heart, soul traits (I believe) yet changes them in other ways...more so and hopefully so, that a person GROWS, evolves into a better version of themselves...well that's what I believe"

The people you need to hang on to are the ones that hung on to you and didn't let go when you were lost and broken...