Be a Reflection of what you'd like to recieve

Treat others as you would like them to treat you but don't expect the gesture to be returned every time. However, you will be compensated by knowing you did your best.

Doesn't always pay me back... I ALWAYS give respect especially when it's not earned & I don't get the same in kind.

You can be that reflection, but that depends of time, place, and the people you are souranded. Of course, you have to continue trying, and sticking to your values.

I've always treated people with kindness and love but I've never received it back from anyone. So at this point I guess I'm one of those people I hear about that is just here to make life easier for others and to handle that stuff others can't or won't.

Not all that you throw out to the universe do you get back, at least in some experiences that I've had, however, I would think that for the most part, it's true.

Well I give but I don't expect nothing in return and when I do favors I do it out of heart and I don't expect nothing back that's why God blesses me and when I go through stuff nobody's there for me so how can they expect for me to always be there for the people who hasn't been there for me its a two way street you gotta meet him halfway that's my point of view

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