Marry for the rest of your life.

Marry your best friend. Marry someone who you wouldn’t mind waking up to every day for the rest of your life. The one who makes you glad to be alive. Marry someone who drives you crazy. The one who frustrates you. The one who calms you. Marry the one you don’t mind fighting with, because they will be fair about it. Don’t marry someone who gives their ego more importance, than they give you. Marry someone who makes you the best version of yourself. The one who believes in you, even when you don’t. The one who stands by you, through thick and thin. Marry someone you can’t imagine your life without. Marry the one you are insanely in love with. And the one who is insanely in love with you. Marry the one who knows what you want to say, when you’re too tired to say it with words. The one you can spend comfortable silences with from time to time. Marry your soul mate. Marry your best friend.

Marry someone who can support you financially, emotionally & spiritually. Marry someone who understands you fully & who you can stand looking at everyday for the rest of ur life. Marry someone who you think you can't live without that person right at your side. Marry someone who thinks of you first than think of himself alone. Marry someone who just don't sit down & wait to be told what to do next. When your scrambling with your daily chores. I can just go on & on & on to find that someone that i'd like to marry if given the chance to do it again.
This is the only way, Anything else would be never do. It has to be my soul mate, the One and only Love of my Life.

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