I hope you find it

I hope that someday you find someone that gives you butterflies the moment you meet them. And that the first time you touch, it feels like electricity is running through your body. I hope that when you’re with them, you never want to leave. I hope you are the first and last thing they think about every day. I hope you play it cool in front of people, but can’t keep your hands off each other in private. I hope that when you give them your heart, they don’t break it. I hope that the things they tell you aren’t just things you want to hear, but things they want to say. I hope that you fit in their arms better than the last piece of a puzzle, and that you always feel safe when they hold you. I hope that when you fight, you fight hard, but that when you love, you love harder. I hope that once you find them, you can’t picture your life without them. I hope that they take your breath away. I hope that, together, you create happiness. I hope that with them, you’re not afraid of the future, but excited for it. I hope that, every day, they tell you how much they love you. I hope that when you find them, you realize it before it’s too late. I hope that you take them and love them and never let them go. I hope you find it. ~Lauren M. Smith

I think that would be a nice thing. But finding it would be a dream. If you had that kind of love you would have no reason to be afraid of the future, and every reason to be excited about it. Hope one fine day will find one with my parents & God's blessings.. Wish he find me so I can stay with him forever ....I want to settle I really do with him no second thoughts .Im not scared about future as long as I'm with him.

Felt it once. Believed it even more. tried even harder, gave more than ever, but then came one sided working ,caring,giving,understanding,and a whole lot of demonic things that entered in to distroy it all. now I'm just afraid and safe alone in my four walls.

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