Someone who enhances your life

Be with someone who will watch your favorite movies with you. Be with someone who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. Be with someone who wants to go places with you, whether it’s to go shopping, to a wedding or to travel the world. Be with someone who makes you tea when you’re sick or feeling down. Be with someone who makes the sun shine a little brighter. Be with someone who makes you want to be a better person. Be with someone who enhances your life.

I am so very blessed to have someone in my life who does all of this. It will take more than one person to fill these "wants". Sometimes we ask humans to meet the desire for relationship that only God can meet. 

It's not being a servant if you really enjoy being with that person..respect one another do what she likes to do and do what he likes to do meet each other 
100% come to understanding between the two of you why did you get together to being with Love..
it's very sad when it's one side after awhile it's gets tiresome...
All I know or feel to have a wonderful relationship you both have to work at it both give...allowing your heart to open is a blessing...

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