Actions speak louder than words.

Action's speak louder than words. We can apologize over and over,but if our action's don't change, the word's become meaningless.

Forgiving is the easiest thing to do but forgetting is the hardest. By giving so many opportunities for them to sincerely apologize but yet they haven't taken action. Then it's time to let those unappreciative people go. By letting them stay you are letting them walk all over you.

So true, that is why I say don't listen to what someone said to you look at what they do. Actions tell the story. It's a hard lesson but one I had to learn.

People don't change because we want them to change,only if the wanted to do so.

It is also true not to give up, even though you fall short of your goal, know tomorrow is another day, don't give up before the miracle happens, it will happen. 

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