Santa Naughty List Quotations with Pictures

Here are some best funny and inspirational Collection of Santa's Naughty Friends List. Laught & Enjoy

If you ever have to steal money from your kid, and later on he discovers it's gone, I think a good thing to do is to blame it on Santa Claus.~ Jack Handy
Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is... your list with names of naughty girls. ~ Unknown
Democracy is only a dream: it should be put in the same category as Arcadia, Santa Claus, and Heaven.
~ H. L. Mencken

 I love Santa Monica and Venice because I like the beach. I have a lot of friends in that area.
~ Denis Leary

Its almost Christmas and Santa's making his list, if you see him before I do, tell him all I want this Christmas is you. ~ Ray Jay Kay
Everyone thinks of God as a man - you can't help it - Santa Claus was a man, therefore God has to be a man. ~ Patti Smith
I wanted readers to be genuinely unsure as to whether she's telling the truth or lying. It meant making her partly sympathetic, and partly unsympathetic, which wasn't easy. ~ Lee Child