Life Is Too Short Quotes

Life is too short to have anything but delusional notions about yourself. [Author: Gene Simmons]

Live honestly to a higher note. Life is too short. So, do the best you can and live your life to a higher note.
[Writer: Kimora Lee Simmons]

You will never have this day again with your children, tomorrow they will be older, the days you have with your Children
are a gift. Relish and cherish the charms of the presence each and everyday! [Quote By: Andrew Guzaldo]

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forget about the ones who
don't and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.
Nobody said that it'd be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. [Writer: Unknown]

Life is too short not to make the best and the most of everything that comes your way everyday. ~ Sasha Azevedo

Life is too short, and the time we waste in yawning never can be regained ~ Stendhal

Life is too short. If we work Good. OR If we work Bad.
In 2 cases life will end. SO if we work good than we are died peacefully.
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