Missing My Mom, Rose for my MOTHER

I'm sharing beautiful roses on my wall for my lovely mom. She is the most caring, loving amazing woman I have ever known.

I miss my mom more than ever  especially now as I'm going through  a  particularly bad time at the moment  emotions are not good and still having my dear mom here would mean so much to me. 

I would love to be able to visit my Mother again. She was the best mother you could want and always put her children before herself. I miss you so much Mom. I'll  always love you.

My grandma had a saying, "If you didn't give me Flowers in life, don't give them to me when I'm dead!
My mother has backed off from wanting flowers, I still love giving them to her!

Missing mom. I encourage you to spend as much time as you can with your parents. Because when they are gone, there are no do overs. ( that's it ) God is giving you a chance now. If you still have your parents you are so blessed.

I love are mom she is every thing to us. She is always there for us and I thank God for her. I love my Dad too but my mom has always been there for us. She has been our mother,Father,and friend. She would help any one she can even if she really couldn't so to every one cherish every minute you can and love her with all your heart.
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