All the goodness fade away

We all make mistakes as we are humans but how you handle them is what matters in fact learn from your mistakes & dont repeat them or don't trust the same person again who cheated you, disrespect you & break your trust more than twice. Trust God, have faith & hope for the better. Forgive but don't forget.

While they’re pointing out your mistake someone else is pointing out theirs. We all make them because we’re human and one mistake can kill a life time of good deeds. A wise man once said that the only ones without mistakes is someone who does nothing.

Never be afraid of making a mistake because we are human but never make the same mistake twice.

God counts your tears and he knows your pain. We all make mistakes but its how we handle it that matters.  I believe that we can try to correct our mistakes by asking the Lord for help and guidance.

All the goodness fade away in just a matter of mistake. And it teach me a lesson not to trust again someone.

I think that those people that pass judgment on my mistakes should look back at their own lives because I know that there's no perfect person, so I know that it's going to be hard but don't let anyone make you feel bad about making mistakes just remember they're not worthy of your time. Making mistakes is what a person needs to help them make  the right decision next time so don't let those people bring you down for the same things that they do.

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