Take a step back before you judge someone

Not a good idea to judge anyone unless you have walked in their shoes.  Walk in my shoes and feel my pain then you will know how strong I really am. We all have our crosses to bear we should never judge anyone else.

I'm sure a lot have suffered walking in their own shoes, and everyone is a survivor, praise God.

Always take a step back before you judge someone . You do not know what they have been through or going through. Sometimes there's a very sad  or tragic reason for the way they might come across  🙏

I don't particularly want anyone to walk in my shoes, to suffer the losses I have and I don't really care about any one but my Lord judging me. So I'm strong enough to keep on keeping on until I don't have to any more.

Seems like people are so quick to judge. If people could only see how ugly that really is. Maybe they would think twice. God bless

People shouldn’t be so quick on judging if they don’t know what thier about ... people always believe gossip.

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