Don't let people take advantage of your kindness

Nobody goes through more difficulties in life than a person with a good heart. It is unfortunate but the truth😐

I have been hurt so many time I give my all I believe in trust truth faithful and loyalty if you don't get it back move on. Put yourself in others shoes, to feel their suffering, their grief, their sadness as your own, and to make the person see that you’re there for them.  Keep them from falling and if they fall you’re going to help pick them up. Helping someone else should be an  intended for another person, not ourselves.

A person with a good heart is always a winner.   Never stop a good heart regardless of the outcome.

In today's society Why do people try to walk all over you when you are kind.  A lot of times it seems people take kindness for weakness. I just don’t understand!

But those that take advantage sometimes had no idea God still Bless us to those we think that taking advantage on us.  Amen!

I'm at the age where I don't need drama in my life no matter where it comes from family or friends.

It is very hard when you know you have not done anything wrong & your immediate family members won’t listen to my side of the story.

It’s unfortunate it’s right that people have to be Ungrateful and take advantage when they have something good instead of being appreciative. 

I have found it best to always believe what others say. Then if they misuse my help it is on them. I never regret my part in helping.
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