Talking to your sisters, sisterly love

Sometimes talking to your sister is all the therapyy you need.

My sister and I have made so many memories. I bounce questions off her then decide if it's right for me. Love her so much.

I know I miss my sister so much we shared good times and bad I have other siblings but she was special may God rest her soul in peace.

As far as I am concerned, talking with my sister, daughter, granddaughter, nieces, cousins and sister/friends is a requirement - not a luxury!  I am blessed with all these wonderful women! 

Sometimes talking to my girls is all I need.  So thankful for my daughters.

Sometimes sister don't understand your own feelings, disagree with your desicions but despite the difference between us in the end of the day we still loved and cared for each other❤

Love all my sisters and brother. Don’t know where any of us would be without each other .

A sister is one of our strength if we failed in our dreams in life and a foundation always hold us to stand and face new life...God bless everyone..

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