Never underestimate what the Almighty God can do.

When sadness fills your heart and tears flow in your eyes. Remember three things: 1- GOD is with you ❤️ 2- Still with you 🌟 3- GOD Always with you 🌸

Never underestimate what the Almighty can do. Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean the Almighty can’t do it! He’s the Lord of the Worlds. If He can turn night into day, He can surely change our situation in the blink of an eye. He’ll do it when He knows the time is right!

When you sincerely depend on GOD you will see everything possible. You heart is the architect of your own blessings or your own destructions. If you use it rightly it shall be of beneficial or if you use it wrongly it should be of detrimental. May God guide us to use our ❤️ rightly.

Almighty God is capable of do all things, we human need patient in our humanity.

God is the one who decide when and how should things be done, may we have the understanding how He does things for us out of love, for no One will ever love us like the way God love us,not even our own parents will.

Almighty. As the pandemic has forced many into lockdown again, we look to You for comfort, strength & protection. Calm our hearts amidst the turmoil. Help us wait patiently for this to pass, trusting with firm faith. Help us look out for each other & keep us all in your care.

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