Best Feeling

Seeing my kids happy is one of the best feelings in the world. (I think the best message of every Father  and Mother in the World.) There's nothing I like better than to be with my kids and their kids.

Always plenty of wishes for grands and great grands, so happy for best of best for our children. They continue to give so much of themselves to their to their families.

Once in a lifetime the ingrates remember  they had a father who tried very hard to make them happy. Love ya, don't like your ways. 

My kids are my inspiration my happiness my life so I give my very best for my children you make everyone proud.

Knowing my kids also my grandkids are happy means the absolute world to me.

We bring them into the world to carry on our lives as better individuals, we only want what is best for them; happiness by being loved and accepted for who they are, but most of all being happy in themselves, reaching out giving goals a go, not giving up too easy and being greatful for what they have. Showing gratitude for all that is done for them and appreciating those who care for them most. Remembering where they came from, poor family or not but most of all standing up and being proud of who they are. Love 💗 my kids unconditionally

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