Being honest

Being honest may not get you alot of friends but it does get you the right ones.

Honesty is the best policy.  I appreciates friends who are honest  because I can trust them.

The number not so important but having good ones that stick with you through everything is the best ones to have!

I Believe in Quality Over Quantity. Worthy friends will stay. Even they are far or near,through thick or thin they are with you. God Bless Everyone.

I have found that being honest don't work to well but it makes me feel good. My parents always taught me that honesty is the best policy.

Nothing wrong with being honest. You always know where you stand when someone is honest. I'd rather be hurt by the truth than deviated by a lie.

It gets you friends that like you for who you are. One good honest friend is better than twenty not so honest. Don't be ashamed of how u feel. Just say the true and u will be fine. Dont be a fake.

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