GOODBYE to all the drama and pain

For me 2022 was a blessing in disguise. I got to spend more time with my family and got time to reflect on what really matters in life. Too often we are so caught up in our job and are going through the motions. I have a new perspective on life. 

I pray daily to our Creator to end this and help us get through this. We all have family we want to see and places we would like to be.  Blessings to all! May our New Year bring an end to this.

Despite all the pains and hardships this 2022... we are still blessed because God never leave us... Hoping this 2023 everything will back to normal... Happy New Year everyone!!!

Advice for New Year: Don't put yourself in the situation that make you uncomfortable, always remember it's for your own peace of mind. Took me years to get this but I am a lot happier person by putting myself first.
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