I want peace only

I have no desire to argue with anyone, I choose to walk away because I just want peace.

This is the best way to deal with people who think they are always right and should be first to know everything.  Of course they  don't ever see that they are the one's creating the drama.

I have walked away and hang up the phone instead of arguing. Peace is the greatest thing in life. It's my goal. This has always been my favorite way to deal with unpleasantness. Anything to avoid confrontation! The best thing to do is to walk away. Give peace another chance. I'll walk away, too...but, if you crossed the line and I don't walk away...let's just say you'll wish you'd have left me alone.

No one ever wins an argument. Both parties will walk away still convinced they are right and no one wins. Just not worth it. My mental and emotional health are more important. The best behavior... always. Silence works very well.💖
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