In Right Relationship Every day is Valentine's day

I think we should treat each other like every day is Valentine’s Day. Not just once a year. Not by gifts but by how we treat each other.

Every day is Valentine's day when you are in the right relationship.
This quote is for people who put effort in everyday not just ValentinesDay - My husband and I had a beautiful Valentine's Day. Nothing huge, nothing expensive. I love Valentine's Day and treasure these moments. My husband & I celebrate each other everyday just so you know life is what you make it and we both feel very blessed!
To My Husband on this Valentine'sday: I love you but everyday is not Valentines Day in any relationship. We get mad, we have fights, we also laugh and relax... there is no safer place than being in your arms. No relationship is all sunshine and Rose's but I will take the thorns and rain as long as I have you by my side.

Yes we know every day is not Valentine's Day.  There are hard days, uplifting days, loving days, fun days, sick days, fantastic days, etc. The point is you love the person you are with and you stand by them in thick and thin to the best of your ability, and they do the same for you.

The right relationship with myself. I feel I need to get that sorted before considering a relationship with anyone else.

Always find room to appreciate each other or do something thoughtful for each other. 
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