Be positive and let things flow

It's time to just be happy. Being angry, sad and overthinking isn't worth it more. Just let things flow. Be positive.

And it can be that easy. Let all the drag you down things just go. Embrace the joy.
Easy to be happy and positive when things are going well...Stay Positive that's not so easy sometimes. Be Happy!

However, to always be happy is not normal either. You have to let go and let things flow but also emotions!
Train yourself to look at your trials in a positive light. Struggle & strife are part and parcel of life. So take them in your stride when they arrive at your door. Remember, nothing lasts. So you can choose to view your trials with hope or you’ll be swept away by your emotions. 

Every pain has a purpose,  every fall has a reason. Remember that your struggles always lead to strength. Remember life is a process. Each part of it is necessary to reach your next milestone. So embrace what He has planned and  you'll rise again. Know that your trials are a blessing not a punishment.  He loves you and sends the toughest tests to his best soldiers. Endure with beautiful patience.

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