You're a strong woman, Don't forget

Ladies, always remember this message.  You are stronger than you think. Empower yourself and others with positive thinking. Teach this to your daughters, remind your sisters and help your mothers.   Never give up.  There is always HOPE.❤️

You are a strong woman who has overcome battles most can't even imagine. Don't forget that.

I can say it's me !! But no one knows what I go through everyday . Never gave up I know God will never walk way from me.

I dont forget because I am a strong woman. Gained knowledge through learning in the School of Hard Knocks. Have helped many others through knowledge acquired.
I never thought I would pray as much as I’ve prayed this year for my family God has been by my side so many times my heart has been broken so many times If ever you don’t believe in the Lord wait until you lose someone in your life.

Despite of everything I made it through though not totally as of this moment but at least I am getting there... fighting my beautiful self for family and especially my kids.

Be strong in the LORD or else your man will rejoice if you are weakening and no strenght to face the battle. Me I am standing firm for the trials I encountered because God is with me.

To survive on this earth. Every person man or woman , even the child should struggle hard to come up in life with brave heart , confidence and positive approach.