The truth always prevails

The truth always comes out in the end. The end in many cases is too late. I learned hard way! Now I'm really carefull!

Yes, some people shout, slag people off,when they dont know what they are on about, it's all based on what someone else has told them. Get the facts.

if we can be honest is the best. Sometimes for our protection or our family we may say nothing or have to say something that is away from the truth. Never thought that until a friend was going through being around a manipulative person. 

So many lie just to escape situation or didn't want to admit their fault but what they didn't realise is that TRUTH only have GREAT POWER ... wherever we go TRUTH is always there so better telling the truth to avoid problm and keep good honest and always tell the truth 😘  

One of my favorites is "Lord, keep your arms around me and your hand over my mouth."
Hopefully!!  Even with proof, some people refuse to believe the truth.

I always open my eyes and i keep my mouth sometimes i need to tell what inside here in my heart.