The strongest woman I know

Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. G.D. Anderson 

Being a strong woman isn't easy but its so true when a woman made commitment there's No turning back definitely ✌

I know I am a very strong woman. I only realised that I am strong after letting go... and will still let go of any realionship that will bring my happiness down.

Always a strong woman is that woman who gets down and humble herself, despite the fact that the storm is hard.

Strongest Women:  who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody knows about.

And fight battles that NOBODY understands.  It is very sad.  I understand.  This message is for a few of my FB friends that I care a lot about and you know who you are.   I understand you and my thoughts and prayers are with you right now.  Remember that I care for you and my heart is heavy in sadness for what you go through everyday in your life.  Praying for you.

Struggle makes us stronger day by day & Finally we learn how to hide our problems and pain to the world.
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