Self Respect

Don’t try to be there to live just to get something. A friend is a friend or lover. Don’t use people.

Right I actually stick to this because I'm not going to waste my time with people that don't take the time my time is much too valuable😄

There comes a point when you just have to give up, walk away and try to forget.

I really appreciate the messages. Everything are true and perfect. It's true if someone like you . You no need to chase him. He admired everything in you. No matter what you're, how you look and who you are. In short no questions about yourself and no denial, honest and respectable. Being proud of what you are. And giving you all the priority. And the people stick on you. This kind of man who you deserve  for..

Whoever doesn't care, no matter the circumstances, I do not care. I consider just invalid excuses

If someone ignored you, just walk away from him or her,  don't waste your time for that kind of of people, it not worth it. 😒

You can’t make someone, Love you, Need you, Want you no matter what, they have see your value as a person as they did when they first met you, why do people change? They become complacent & blinded by their own importance of listening to others opinions of you. “Fact”

Sometimes there is a reason for things, not complicated, but simple reasons, you can walk away, or give it some time. Time will tell what or why. It is called trust.
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