I'm keeping my Distance

Don't burn bridges. Keep your integrity. If you don't get along, just keep your distance.

Sometimes you have to burn it, because you can no longer be the same people who knew each other. Sometimes it’s best to burn a bridge rather than keeping it open.

Don't lower your status/standard Because when you lower your standards you are lowering your self-worth.  Just keep your head down, operate with honesty, integrity, and you'll be favoured by the goodness of good luck!

Sometimes it's difficult to tolerate from a distance. If that persons ruins your wellbeing get rid you are no less indignant for this action it's taking care of your wellbeing end of it's healthy to cut people out of your life especially if their sole goal is to destroy it.

I alway tell people not to burn the bridge you cross you may want to go back on the one you burned.