I'm here Karma

Karma - Love it. Would like to send it to someone right now - What they did to me and my families they will feel it too.

Karma is an interesting concept that I hope is real. There’s a lot of people out there who are very deserving.

Belive in ourself don't hurt or cheat others. karma is not 'what goes around comes around', karma is 'your doing'

So that is why we have to be careful about our way of saying and caring to people. That's so true they do know what there doing and don't care if they did they wouldn't do it but one day they will feel your pain and all what there doing to you but you won't be there then they will be lonely having to feel what they did and are doing to you that's when they realise what they are doing and done.

Very true some people find it amusing to hurt others and they laugh about it. But when the shoe is on the other foot it isn't so funny and these people become very upset think before you treat people bad karma wins out in the end every time
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