Enjoy Life In A Way Most People Don't

They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same.

I don’t laugh at anyone’s journey. we are all trying our best to figure this life out.
Not any good in laughing at each other or comparing ourselves with anyone. We all are perfectly different and we all are one.
In my opinion, laughing at someone, even if they are laughing at me,   is not the best solution.Just be happy that your heart is more developed.

Always been that way...no plans on changing, now or anytime soon. No I should not laugh I should thanks to my Lord that who made me like this ❤️ Nothing wrong with being different.  I've always been odd.

People don't inspire or change the world over by being the same as others. But by being different, unique and Spontaneous!

When our thoughts become different than others , people laugh at us.
Laughter is a good therapy. At least they have something to laugh in life. 
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