Emotionally destroyed

I don't understand how people are ok with themselves knowing they emotionally destroyed Someone.

Easy...they blame the person they destroyed.  Then they get to be the victim, and don’t have to be ‘made’ to feel bad. They never admit their part in it. They either blame the victim for "overreacting" or "being too sensitive" or push the blame on someone else. Even when faced with the facts they still don't admit to it saying that facts  had been twisted, they have been framed etc... leave them long enough with it and guaranteed they will believe that they are the victim in this!

They just simply  dont care.   As long as they get what they want that is all that matters to them.    Things do turn around  after while and it will and they wont know what happened to them.  You cant hurt someone and get off free in the end.  God keeps the books and actions on all of us.
Karma will bite the mean people when it's time.. Always be kind.  You don't have to agree with, or even like someone, but be kind -- ALWAYS!

No one can be emotionally destroyed unless a person gives permission, power, control to do so. The first time someone is unkind start walking and never look back with no second chances.
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