Treat Your Woman Like a Queen

Any man can treat a lady right for one night, but it takes a great man to treat her right for the rest of her life. When you find the right one you just know it.

My Dad loved my mum so much they are a inspiration.  mum passed away this year Dad sat and held her hand and sung to her stranger in paradise 😢

Thank you, daddy, for being such a great example of how to treat your wife.♡
My DAD was the Greatest Testoment to this till the Day he was Call to Heaven !

Love & missing you much, trying to be stronger without you, the hurt isn’t as bad but in my heart it still crying & hurting, know that you are in a better place, pray we meet on the other side.

Understanding each other deeply and a great deal of patience is required for long lasting relationship.

I found one that treats wonderful everyday.  Takes great care of me and helps with everything around the house even cooking, cleaning and the dishes!!  Love him so much!

My husband he treated me like his most precious wealth in his life, but, he's gone now, I still cried for him sometimes, You're still in my thoughts in my heart.

Men treat women well for the most part if their lady does the same. This assumes no Abusiveness on either side.

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