Sorry I'm not perfect

Sorry l'm not perfect but I'm not fake either. 

Don't worry about other peoples judgement. What can they do to you. It is God's judgement you ought to be worried about.

Judge your own Life before Judging other people's. 

Show your love and kindness to them. Don't get mad someday they will realize what they are doing.

Some poeple are always quick to judge. And think they are so perfect. But are not at all. Judge me when you are perfect! No one should judge anybody none of us are perfect and need to mind their on lives!

Clean your own house before cleaning someone else's house. This is one of the reasons why I don't listen to people when they start judging because they don't look at themselves first so I really don't give them the time of a day. 

God! Thankful for everything you have given me and helped me through each and everyday!   AMEN! 

This is me. I refuse to be fake. What some people don't understand is, there is a lot that makes you fake. Fake people are liars, hypocrites, users, etc.
That's right! What you see is what you get! Unlike a lot of people I know!

I am just me born to be nice and love people.

I thank the Lord for always being at my side and watching over all my friends and family, Thank you Lord for all everything and blessings you have given to my & family.

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