Some People Never Really Grow

You gotta understand that some people never really grow. They never learn their lesson. They never recognize their mistakes they never acknowledge their faults, they never admit they were in the wrong. You will never receive an apology from them, and you will never see their behavior change.

Sometimes ... !! Walk away! It is useless trying to reason with this narcissist personality type,They love total control and no matter how hard you try to reason with them, they cannot accept responsibility for any of their negative ways. It will never be their fault. They will twist and turn and blame and destroy good names with their false gossip.They are very good at manipulating and will never apologize.It is healthier to walk away, even when you find it in your heart to forgive them.....just walk away!
you get very tired of forgiving time an again for the same things over an over again some people never change they want you to change however they just keep on doing same negative behaviors..always blame the doormat...cause they can...

Gotta accept that some people can not recognize their mistakes.   Sometimes you have to be the bigger person for them- even when u are not at fault.   Let yourself grow, while they are at a stand still.   It’s ok.

All relationships are teachings.  When you take every single relationship in your life and see them as a mirror reflecting you, they actually give US the opportunity to go inward and grow, flourish and blossom in ways we would never have been  able to unless we're willing to seek within....  and it  is not easy to go inward but the rewards of practicing it are magnificent!!!

Even after you apologize for not knowing what you didn't know, for hurting them unintentionally. I've apologized a thousand times but its never enough. their need for revenge will end up destroying them instead.

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