People who treat you with Love, Kindness and Respect

Let me say, Self-respect conserved is directly proportional to the strong relation.

The smaller your circle the fewer Rats & Snakes to deal with!

Oh my children thank you for your guidance lord and giving me the strength to face the everyday walks of life🙏🏻 True friends are with you through the thick and thin that is a true friend i have friends that are older than dirt that means we have had good times and bad times together and still are friends.

No!  There are also the ones whom you can mentor and help recover from addiction and/ or depression.  That is when you will be God's hands.

The only people who deserve to be in your life are the ones who treat you with love, kindness and respect. People  who show love,respect and don't gossip behind us.

True, nothing kills relationships like those that lie, blame and are disrespectful :-(

I keep hopping and praying that someday god will give me a second chance to love someone forever and them love me the same way.
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