Make Choices You Can Live With

No matter what you do, someone will always talk about you. Someone will always question your judgement. So just smile and make choices you can live with.

Don’t try to live up to other people's expectations. Don’t go through life making decisions based on other people’s desires. Remember, they don’t have to live with the results of those choices. You do! Take control of your life. Do your best and make the Almighty your priority!

Live in a way that the Almighty will be pleased with you.  Be careful with your words and actions. People's desires will not save you or give you sustenance.   It  is the Mercy of the Almighty that you need.  So in life, make choices that will bring you more mercy of the Almighty in your life.

When you expect too much from others, expect to be disappointed. So rather than laying blame, learn to manage your expectations.

Dont worry when people talk about you. It means you must be  interesting to them  ....until they find something or someone new to talk about and criticise Lol.😂

When I talk about you....I talk about the positive things about you. When I question your judgment......I most often hope that my own judgment is as good as yours.....Live life with good intentions.....and you will never have to question your choices! ❤️

This is the truth like I've always said when people stop talking  about you then worry because then you are not interesting anymore.

People should keep their opinions to themselves.  As for making mistakes, there are certain ones I regret.  People should have better things to do than talk about other people all day long.