I absolutely believe God has set my path

Sometimes God closes doors because it's time to move forward. He knows you won't move unless your circumstances force you. Trust the transition, God's got you.

I needed this Motivational Quote today. I've been going from doctor to doctor since February and no one could tell me what's going on. I've given tons of blood, several MRIs, ultrasounds, EEGs etc. And yet nothing.

I needed this message today. Feeling the pain of so many losses and relationships I gave my all to all lost. I have to remember when the tears stream down that I'm not being punished I'm just being pushed to a new chapter and a new reality. Thank you God, I trust you. I'm sorry for the tears, my heart hurts, please refill it with real love. Amen.

Can be very painful   But always trust God   He’s got you in  the palm of His Hand 🖐🏼

God has much more loving ways to instruct a persons life.  Too many people think they know Gods mind.  That is a man made whatever.  In my book God moves his children in very loving ways and if you live close enough to God He will show you His ways.

Wow! I guess this is what is happening! If it's God's will for me then I'm even more greatful for my wonderful friends who are helping me! I know I'm greatful for their care an support of me an I love them even more! Thank you.

Thank you Lord for closing the doors of limitations to allow me to move on. You have the best for me.
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