Dear Self

Dear self, Don't get worked up over
things you can't change or people you can't change. It's not worth the anger buildup or the heartache. Control only what you can. Let go.

God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change.courage to change the people I can and the wisdom to know It’s ME...😇❤️

Just come to peace with the past and set your goals and enjoy the future know we all have our faults  but we love u much and know you will go far  love u.

Don't bother yourself for the people who are not worth concentrate on the good friends who suppirt you in goid times and bad times of your life. You can depend on them even at your back. Keep on trusting God.

Letting certain people go out of your life is a very good thing to do and if they get the message eventually, that's even better.

There are people and things you cannot change. Ask our God to give you the Grace to let go and move on.

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