Put things in a safe place

Does anyone else put things in a safe place and forget where that safe place is?

I have the solution to remember where you put it! I watched a programme on brain function.
If you are right handed and put things  down your brain doesn't register. Use your left hand and watch your hand placing object down. Viseversa for left hand.IT WORKS!!!!

I left my second car keys last year in a safe place, so no one can find them. I haven't found them yet 🤣🤣🤣

I once put some really valuable things is an old suitcase that was stored away. Looked for those items for four years about a year after I stowed them. Gave up. Decided to take a load, including the suitcase, to Goodwill. Just before I handed over the suitcase, I thought I should look in the front pocket. Boom! I went straight to the bank and got a safety deposit box.

I have learned to never relocate anything.  Left in its usual place is fine, but once moved it may never be found .  It’s a “golden years” thing.

The best one I heard was this funny woman said to me, “ I have to write everything down. My memory is so bad that I could hide my own Easter Eggs ! “ I thought I’d die laughing. I’ve used it a few times. Lord knows it’s amazing that I can remember it some days. 😆

Me all the time so important things I put a sheet of paper one on fridge and another inside my kitchen cupboard door. Believe me it has really helped at times.

Try leaving yourself a note to say where you left it but put in a safe place each time. One time I was going on a trip and left behind a small purse in a hiding place. DUH...I couldn't find it when I got home! Somehow, my cat let me know where it was, by hiding in a cupboard. She wouldn't come out, so when I reached in to pursude her, I felt the small purse under her!
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