Don’t be a prisoner, Release yourself

Don’t be a prisoner of your past. That part of your life’s over. The mistakes you made, the bad decisions, the unwise choices; they’re all part of life. Don’t dwell on it. They don’t define your future. Your future is a clean slate. Start writing on it! Be sure to write well.

It may take a while for you to get over everything that has happened but always remember that you can still create a wonderful future. Future could be bright if we struggle to aim for the best possible way with the guidance of God.

The past is a memory of our life. You don't need to dwell on it irrespective of how sad or happy you were. The present is the most wonderful moment you could use to determine what the future holds. You can visit your past to learn the experience but never let it ruin your present or future.
May God forgive us and bless us now and forever. 

This is one thing I had to learn. It makes life so much easier now. So true! The  best thing to do is get out,  because  sometimes people just don't want to change.  They  be like so use to being in a situation so long,  until they feel like they're stuck.  I just hope they realize, there is a better life for them. Don't be a prisoner of love, when nothing can't be done, when you can't do the impossible. Release yourself! Thats right, i always say yesterday is gone today is a new like there is no tomorrow. The only thing at times like this you can change... Your perspective.  That you can always change. It's Very difficult thing to do. Especially after experiencing a devastating heart break. Fight for what you believe is right. Never say die.
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