I may not be perfect but

I may not be perfect but I am honest, loving, and real. I don't try to be what I am not and I don't try to impress anyone. I am me.

Even how hard the my life I've on my ways but God is with me so no to surrender cause I traveling with god's planed for me & granting my prayer too thank you lord for providing me my family & relatives friends lord you helped me when I'm carrying burden load that's why faith & trust in you ameen.

Although I'm not that perfect but as a friend I kept a good relationship n extended help unconditionally. As a person I tried always to give my best as a worker, as a superior...I know I have some mistakes but I made it a point to apologize and correct my mistakes. I'm not perfect but trying to do good everyday is satisfying. 

If you have to work at trying to impress someone that usually isn’t a person you should be hanging around to begin with. Don’t try to be something you aren’t as it will only make you miserable. Just be yourself, don’t try to impress anybody, they’re gonna judge you anyway. 

I may not be all that happy about how my life has turned out, because there are things I do not have control of; BUT I am happy with who I am, and I do have control over that.

I would like to say that if each one of us is always humble and honest enough to admit that we are not perfect and make mistakes  we will be at peace with our heart and mind if you admit and sorry for what you have done and understand others' mistakes and giving forgiveness is a great blessing for a peaceful living with full of happiness.

Loving and caring the family is best and can be the source of peace and happiness with God guiding all the way in life.

Accept  yourself with all your shortcomings, nobody’s perfect. I'm really not perfect but I'm willing to improve myself and say sorry. . . 

Some in mine think I think I'm too good to hang out with them. Truth is, we have very different lifestyles, and what they think is fun, I don't. Life is much too short to do  things you don't want to do, just because someone guilts you into it! Always be yourself and true to your words.
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