love me and miss me while I'm still alive

When I die, don't come to my grave to tell me how much you love me and how much you miss me, because those are the words I want to hear while I'm still alive. That's the truth I am here now love me now not when I am gone because when I am gone I can not hear them then. This is so true and also the way how we feel and if you want to send us flowers πŸ’ or give us flowers 🌺 please do it now while we are still here to enjoy them and Thank you for thinking of us.

Exactly if you can not love or come see me alive don’t bother with your sob stories when I’m in my grave! It's the truth I'm gone don't need pity just go on with your own life like l never existed.

Keep your dreams alive, Understand to achieve anything requires, Faith and behalf in your self  vision hard work determination , Remember all thing are possible for those who believe !

We're  all  human beings doing the same thing because we dont feel the value of our closing persons until we lose them. So l think it's our nature. Most of them are like that when still alive no one care when die near to grave they love this is human nature.

I would love for my love one's to tell me that they love me because I don't feel that I'm loved sometimes I just need to hear it more often I love you all so much and I need to say it more often to them.

Always tell those you love that you do, don’t wait until tomorrow for tomorrow may never come. 

If you are not part of my living life and dont appreciate me now please dont expect to be part of my final send off to heaven!🌹❤πŸ™

Time is precious we spend them in our love one's , Because we can't take back the time ,. If  you love someone u just spend the time, our comfort and love no money can buy.
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