Being rude is easy

Being rude is easy. It does not take any effort and is a sign of weakness and insecurity. Kindness shows great self-discipline and strong self-esteem. Being kind is not always easy when dealing with rude people. Kindness is a sign of a person who has done a lot of personal work and has come to a great self-understanding and wisdom. Choose to be kind over being right and you’ll be right every time because kindness is a sign of STRENGTH.

I really can't stand rude people. If I am not being rude to you what's the point of the stink attitude. Some of you lack simple manners.

I've never understood why someone would go out of the way to hurt people by being rude. It takes little to be nice, isn't it?

You are only hurting yourself if you are being rude and unkind; it might not come back to you immediately or in the way you dished it out; but when it boomerangs back at you, it surely comes back in it's own different shape and sizes. Treat people the way you want to be treated. This is the only most important lesson in life, primarily to that; loving God, all the rest is just commentary.
Geraldine Vermaak