Raised to show respect

I was raised to show respect. I wasn't dragged up, I was taught to knock before I open a door. Say hello when I enter a room. Say please, say thank you and show respect to my elders...... Respect, when shown, will be earned!!

I was raised to sense what someone wanted me to be and be that kind of person. It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else's eyes. We all need that one person in our lives who we can tell everything to and trust with our lives. Otherwise life becomes so lonely and painful. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

People are entitled to their opinions and should be free to do so as long as they articulate their feelings with respect for others. But when people decide to share their opinions in a way that is meant to hurt another person's feelings, that is when they become haters.

Treat people with respect and do it with feelings too, whatever you expect others is what you have to give.

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