Lies spread faster than the truth

Actions always speak louder then words. Keep your eyes and your ears open. The truth will always prevail.

A lie can  travel half way around the world, while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

Don’t be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread faster than the truth. Drives me crazy when people listen to gossip and rumors. By the time it gets to you it's already been told 20 different ways. It sure does and I've learnt it's much harder to disprove a negative people believe what they want I don't feel that I have to justify myself anymore believe what you want.

But the real truth about a lot of people and a lot of things are gonna be told on the Judgement Day, and this time GOD will be doing the talking.

Nothing should be said about anyone unless we know it to be true. Harm can be so hard to heal.

Learn how to separate truth from falsehood, and you'll have solved an age-old riddle. Truth eludes, falsehood protrudes. Figure it out, and you're golden.