Stop Arguing And Walk Away

In life it's important to know when to stop arguing with people and simply let them be wrong.

When you no longer have the need to be right or prove anyone wrong you are on you way to a wonderful state of being. Arguments a waste of your peace and happiness. Allow others to have whatever opinion they have. There is no need to change them. Let us reason together. That is fun. Arguing is just no fun. Life is too short to waste one second on the things that DO NO REALLY MATTER. 🙏
OMG this came right at the time that I can’t get it through someone’s head that a comment they posted wasn’t very helpful to someone. I am going to just let her think she was right by my non-response.

No need to argue in the first place. If you are that certain you are correct. Trying to change a person by arguing  further entrenches the other party. It becomes an eternal back and forth which makes a solution less likely.

A good excuse for someone who is irresponsible for their actions, then play victim (blame on others). Want peace when argument arises, nah regardless, karma will handle whoever is wrong.

But silence is approval. Pick your battles. Sometimes, the fight is necessary.