In loving memory of my MOM

In loving memory of  my MOM always on my mind Forever in my Heart.

My mom is best mother in the life she is like a Friend for me. I really do miss you mom I miss hearing your voice and talking with you I miss you more than anything in the world. I love you with all my heart and soul wish you were still here ... rest in peace... I miss my mom each and every day. It still hurts.

Nothing like it. No one could EVER take her place. She was my best friend, I miss your smile, your laugh most of all and how soft spoken you were. You were always there for me NO MATTER WHAT! She loved unconditional. Thank you God for blessing me, by allowing her to be MY MOTHER!!

Mom you were a fantastic person. Loving caring. I miss you so much.You gave me so much love.Your in heaven & won't be forgotten!

I miss my wonderful mother but father you know what was best for her. Thank you for blessing us with her when she was on earth and continue to bless us to see her again. 

It's a difficult day for those all who have lost their mothers. If you still have your mother with you, take the time to call her, visit with her and show her your love.

 Love To Show How Many Moms Are Missed